Eat Real Food, Be Real Awesome

Eat Real Food, Be Real Awesome “Whew, I gained all these extra pounds of fat from eating vegetables!” Ever hear anyone make this declaration? Yeah, me neither. So damn it. Turns out mom was right again. As much as it pains us to admit, she was onto something when she told us “eat your vegetables.” […]

School Lunches

School Lunches School Lunches- Healthy Food Ideas Your Kids Will Actually Eat School is in full swing again and providing healthy school lunches for our kids can be a real struggle for many parents. Between picky eaters and real foods that don’t keep well, it can be a daunting and frustrating task trying to provide […]

Healthy Eating and Traveling

Healthy Eating and Traveling Nutrition and Travel Rachel Shuck On the road again? Stuck in the airport? Subjected to the limited choices of convenience store food and over-priced airport food, healthy eating and traveling seems to be an oxymoron. Good news, all is not lost from the healthy eating habits you have created at home. […]

Tip of the Day- Veggies

Veggies!! Your Mom Was Right With so many different opinions on nutrition, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. One of the most basic steps anyone can start with, is getting in more non-starchy vegetables everyday. They’re full of essential nutrients and fiber but also low in calories. For a tasty way to work […]

Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Day 30

30 Day Diet Reboot Day 30 He made it!! Even though I’m posting this way late, Chris stayed the course those 30 days and had great results. The goal of this 30 Day Reboot was to get Chris back in alignment with his healthy habits and set him on a trajectory that would put him […]

Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Day 28

Ahh, the magical 28th day, Chris is finally feeling the effects of his cleaned up diet. Love it 🙂 From Chris: 30 Day Diet Reboot Day 28 30 Day Diet Reboot Day 28 January 28, 2018, 178.2 pounds. Had a good weekend.  Got three workouts in three days for some good volume and that really […]

Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Day 27

It is so much easier to be a healthy eater when you set parameters for allowing yourself your occasional indulgences. This helps because nothing is “off limits” but stays in a small enough quantity to minimize the damage. From Chris: 30 Day Diet Reboot Day 27 30 Day Diet Reboot Day 27 Saturday, January 27th […]

Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Day 26

It’s pretty normal to work through a tired phase when re-shaping and re-training the body. This too, shall pass for Chris as long as he continues to take care of himself. From Chris: 30 Day Diet Reboot Day 26 January 26, 2018, 178.8 Pounds No topics just thoughts. Got no diet issues today.  I’m sticking […]

Putting in the Work- Coral’s Story

Putting in the Work-Coral’s Story If you’ve lost motivation for your January resolutions, or are feeling like you’re in a bit of a training slump, let this story inspire you and get you back on track. I hope this gives you the motivation to get going again, but more importantly lights a fire in you […]