Don’t Listen to Yourself

BeckyBefore BeckyAfter

Success is about your mindset and it starts one small step at a time. This is one of my favorite pics, it’s a before and after of Becky, a lady that attended my workout class. Becky’s goal was to get and stay healthy. She was on her way to to achieving this but still had some self-doubt. The most powerful voice is often the one that cannot be heard, only listened to. Learning to silence that voice or change its message is one of the many small steps that can lead to big change. I remember very vividly doing some exercises in the class I was teaching that involved jump ropes and stair steps and Becky saying she couldn’t do them. Her mindset was “can’t” even though she could. All she needed was that nudge to at least try and, guess what? She could! Sometimes it is an outside voice that can change that shadowy whisper of self-doubt from “I can’t” to the confident proclamation “I can and I will.”  And in Becky’s case, she did! Go ahead, find your voice that says you can and big changes are almost guaranteed to happen. Here’s my question to you all, what is your inner voice telling you?

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