Water Infused With Blueberry and Mint

Water Infused with Blueberry and Mint

Wondering how on earth you can drink enough water during the day because you just find the flavor boring? Here’s an easy solution to add flavor that also gives you health benefits of mint and blueberry.

1/4 c. blueberries (fresh is best but frozen will work)

several mint leaves

8 ounces water

Place blueberries in mason or similar type jar that you can place a lid on and smash blueberries with a fork. Tear mint leaves and add to jar. Pour water in jar and shake vigorously. Place jar in fridge over night and enjoy the next day.

Mint – good for digestion, the respiratory system and reducing fatigue. I used peppermint in the video, but any kind of mint will work, you can check out the amazing benefits of peppermint by clicking here

Blueberries – high in antioxidants but also contain so many other beneficial properties. For more about why blueberries, (including activiating your fat burning genes in your stomach) are amazing click here

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