Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Day 23

Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Day 23

Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Day 23. Chris is finally seeing the scale dip under 180, so if we were the kind of people to get wrapped up in the scale this would be a pretty big moment, but remember, this is just a side effect of his healthy eating and the number will probably continue to fluctuate a bit. One thing we haven’t talked a lot about that has been huge in helping Chris lean out is the (now) lack of alcohol in his diet. I hate to be the fun killer but if you want to lean out throwing back a few beers every night is going to stop that from happening. Alcohol doesn’t contain any nutrients, but it does contain calories. So what the heck does that mean for anyone trying to lose weight? Well your body has to burn off those calories from the alcohol first before it can get to the calories from your food/fat stores. So in essence you have successfully blocked any fat burning that was going to occur by ingesting that alcoholic beverage and making your body metabolize the alcohol first. There are a lot more reasons why to cut it out, but that’s a big one 🙂

30 Day Diet Reboot Day 23

January 23, 2018, 179.2 pounds


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I’ve had a sore stomach since Sunday.  I though it was just all the beans I’ve been eating but something else is going on.  Uncomfortable and prolific gas for more than a day.  Kept me up last night.  Not sure what it is, probably a low-level bug of some sort.  Not debilitating, but something to watch.  Isn’t impacting my work or training.

As the wise men said; “This too shall pass.”

Saw some progress this morning.  Dipped under 180.  I would expect this to be a pretty big week given the longer workouts I have.

The more important thing is that I have fully established new patterns.  I’m not even thinking about ‘diet’ anymore.  I’m just eating what I have prepared and enjoying it.  One of the self-improvement tropes is that it takes 21 days to burn in new habits.  I don’t know what the real number is but speaking from experience I can attest to that being close.

It’s part of the process for new habits.  Especially those habits that are lifestyle based.  Human systems tend to be elastic.  There is always a natural pull to snap back to an existing state.  What you need to do is hold the habit long enough that a new state, a new stasis, is achieved.

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