Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Day 26

It’s pretty normal to work through a tired phase when re-shaping and re-training the body. This too, shall pass for Chris as long as he continues to take care of himself.

From Chris:

30 Day Diet Reboot Day 26

January 26, 2018, 178.8 Pounds

No topics just thoughts.

Got no diet issues today.  I’m sticking to my clean eating.  It’s been a long week.  I’m tired.

Got my hill workout in this morning in the gym before work on the treadmill.  (There were a lot of prepositional phrases in that sentence to parse).

I told my kids I was tired (via the family text message, because, who doesn’t’ have a family text message?) this morning.  They responded, “who isn’t?”

I said it was s different kind of tired, and that started a whole stream of consciousness on tiredness.  I said I was ‘sleepy tired’ which means you feel like you could close your eyes and nap at any point.

My oldest said ‘angry tired’ was a thing.  I don’t disagree.

I added ‘sexy tired’, ‘ugly tired’ and ‘stupid tired’ – all plausible states or species of tiredness.

When you say ‘I’m tired’ in Spanish it is ‘tengo sueno’ – which is basically ‘I have nap’.

So, anyhow, that’s how tired I am.



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