Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Day 9

Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Day 9

It’s Day 9 of Chris’s reboot, and it just wouldn’t be a true adventure in nutrition without a few trial and tribulations thrown in along the way. Traveling is a great way to make healthy eating a true challenge. Chris’s choice to drive instead of fly was a good one (when that’s an option), as driving does leave you more in control of your food choices, and allows you to pack food instead of being subjected to whatever is available along the way. Grabbing food from convenient stores and fast food pit stops while on the road is a great way to get to your destination feeling like crap. Too bad for Chris that the majority of what he packed ended up smelling funky by the time he got to his destination. Wise decision on his part not to eat it. When in doubt, leave it out (of your body that is). Trail mix was definitely the lesser of the two evils there. While I am not a fan of most snack bars, as they usually contain too many sweeteners (agave, brown rice syrup, etc.), desperate times call for desperate measures I suppose, so he made do. There are a few out on the market that I do like, such as Epic bars and Lara baras, just be sure to read the ingredients on the bar, the less sweeteners the better. Glad he had a stash of food, which of course, goes back to if you want to eat healthy, you MUST plan ahead. It still blows my mind that “breakfast” at many hotels is a refined carbohydrate feast with no real food options, and people seem okay with this, I don’t get it. Hooray for access to a spoon and an ice cream smoothie! Good thinking on Chris’s part.  The other great thing about when you’re traveling and you have access to a car (and the time) is that a quick trip to the grocery store while in town can be a game changer. Chris has it figured out and is stopping at one on his way back to restock.

Here’s a list of some healthy foods that travel well for car rides for anyone planning on traveling soon:

Avocados (bring a knife and spoon to eat it, don’t eat while driving)


Carrot Sticks


Epic Bars

Justin’s single serving nut butters


Beet chips

From Chris:

30 Day Diet Reboot Day 9



30 Day Diet Reboot Day 9

Travel Travails.

January 9, 2018, Weight Unknown, Body Fat % unknown.

I’m in Lancaster PA for a meeting this morning.  I opted to drive down last night from my house.  It’s 6-7-hour drive.  With the wonky weather patterns, I thought that would be a safer plan than trying to fly.  Also, more flexible, way cheaper and allows me to carry my own food!

I hit some of that weather on the way down.  I put a bag of apples and clementines in the car for the ride.  I stopped at Starbucks to fill up my bottomless cup with mint tea.  I packed my last container of rice and beans from last weeks meal prep for dinner.  I knew I had a longish workout in the morning, so I threw in one of my green-fruit-kale-smoothies.

The weather was nasty, and I didn’t role into my hotel until close to 10:00 PM.  When I popped the lid on my rice and beans they didn’t smell right.  I’m at the point in my diet where I’m not really hungry, but I know I should eat.  I wasn’t going to risk food poisoning to prove that point.

I went to the restaurant in the hotel because you can usually find a reasonable cobb salad or something similar.  They really had nothing.  All the salads were goat cheese affairs.  I swung by the concierge lounge, slipping in 5 minutes before it closed for the night.  The lady there was not thrilled to see me.

I looked around to see what I could salvage.  There was nothing but keep reading


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