Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Day 1- Water

Hi Guys,

Below I am posting the link to Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Day One. I have asked Chris to cut back on the coffee as he was drinking the large bulk of his morning fluids in the form of coffee. While coffee does have some benefits (like antioxidants), too much can be hard on the adrenals.  It can also upset mineral balance in the body. As athletes it is important to have balanced mineral levels to maintain optimum performance. We are replacing his second 16 oz serving of coffee with water instead. We are also going to add some fresh squeezed lemon juice to the water, for two reasons. Reason number one, taste. It just makes drinking water easier when it has a teeny, tiny bit of flavor added to it. Reason number two, it’s a very nice subtle way to add in some electrolytes (minerals) to our hydration and keep everything balanced. What’s your strategy for making sure you get in enough water throughout the day?

From Chris:

30-Day Diet Reboot (30ddr) – Day one

January 1, 2018.  287.6 pounds, 13.7% body fat.

It begins.

Welcome to the new year!

I did an excellent job of anti-dieting over the last two weeks with the holidays.  I managed to pack on another 6-7 pounds.  Isn’t that a strange human reaction?  If you know you’re going to start a diet you stuff yourself to get ready?

Last night was New Year’s Eve.  I went to bed early.

I was wrecked from trying to run a marathon with my friends in the morning.  It was very, very cold.  1-5 degrees.  I got to 21 miles and decided to stop.  My legs were sore, and I was struggling.  I saw no need to hurt myself.  I’ve got nothing to prove.

My legs are sore today.  I’ve got a bit of specific soreness in my right knee.  I recognize it.  It’s an overuse tendonitis that comes from too much work, but more specifically too little stretching.  It’s calf and hamstring related.  My lower back is sore too.

I woke up at 5:30 and had to go to the bathroom – a symptom of overeating is your bowels wake keep reading

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