Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Project

Join us as Chris, host of the podcast RunRunLive, and I work together, in the form of a 30 Day Reboot, to get him back on track with his healthy ways. Chris is an avid runner, he’s qualified and run Boston 17 times, run a solid 50 miler and is now looking to up the ante¬†with his first 100 mile race in July. Chris and I have worked together in the past to get him leaned out and race ready, so we already know this will be a fun journey for both of us, but Chris had the brilliant idea of letting other people join in on the journey this time. I thought this was great, since this is the time of year people are ready to change their nutrition/lifestyle/habits, why not give you guys a peek into his journey and maybe help you with yours along the way? We would love it if you all wanted to join us by following/commenting/posting questions and of course, letting us know how your own journey is going with your own reboot in 2018. You will be able to catch some of our conversations about improving nutrition on Chris’s podcast at¬†starting next week.

A little background on Chris:

I maxed out around 220 (at 5’11) at age 30 before I started marathon racing in 1996. For most of my race life I would fluctuate between ~200 pounds between races and ~180’s when race ready.
As I turned 50 and started losing body mass I realized I needed to start being smarter and worked with Rachel. In 20-30 days, just by eating clean, not focused on weight loss, we dropped 15 pounds down to 170. I also went from around 14% body fat to 9%.
Now as I step up the size and quality of my goals I need to get back to eating clean not just for weight loss and fat content but to stay healthy and avoid injury in my training and racing.

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