Feeling “Fat-“igued or Overwhelmed?


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Then you need this mineral!!

Dear Magnesium,
You don’t get the true credit you deserve. Calcium has been hogging the spotlight for way too many years. Come on magnesium, time to step up  and quit being the under-dog. You should know, with too much calcium in the body then you can’t do your job the way you’re supposed to. The key is finding the perfect balance with calcium. Magnesium, I know all the awesome things you can do for us like; help us sleep better, regulate hormones like cortisol (the one that creates belly fat), keep our muscles from cramping, keep our insulin regulated and prevent us from storing fat (insulin is a fat-storage hormone) and relieve certain types of headaches. The ratio, or balance of calcium to magnesium should be two to one, which is the way it’s normally found in real, whole, foods.

Foods with Magnesium:

Coconut Water


Pumpkin Seeds

Oat Bran

Flax Seeds

Sesame Seeds

Brazil Nuts

Sunflower Seeds



Or, if you’re feeling really depleted, find a supplement (with magnesium, calcium and postassium) made out of real food and/or try soaking in an Epsom salt bath.








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