Why Nutrition Matters for Running Your Best

Nutrition, It Matters!

Jen’s Story

My weight loss journey didn’t start off as a walk in the park. But, as many of us do, I had to ask myself, is anything that’s worth doing actually easy?  Once I started to work with Rachel and Next Level Nutrition, I got an education in nutrition …Nutrition 101 that is. As a client of Rachel’s, she isn’t just your nutritional coach, she’s your teacher.  She teaches you how to eat, when to eat and what to eat in order to meet your goals. She is in-tune with her clients, and strives to understand how their bodies work by listening (and I mean really listening) to how your body works, if you have any health issues or challenges, your dietary habits and pitfalls, what your schedule is like at work and at home, and how consistently you work out.  What was a challenge for me was that it seemed like I was doing everything right: preparing the majority of my meals at home, eating healthy most of the time, avoiding foods with gluten and white flour, and working out 5-6 times a week.  What we soon came to find out after she started having me log all of my food intake, was that I was just eating way too much! She was constantly checking in on me and my food logs, giving me helpful tips, sharing wonderful, healthy recipes with me that even my family loves, making sure I was taking the right kinds of supplements and getting the most out of my nutrition while training for a  marathon. Come to find out, most people don’t lose weight while training for a marathon, but with her help I managed to lose almost 12 lbs and that helped propel me, quite literally in fact, to an over 30 minute PR on my 3rd marathon.  

Rachel is genuinely, authentically focused on every aspect of health and nutrition. She isn’t interested in short-cuts with anything artificial or easy; and she’s the first to admit that sometimes these changes aren’t always effortless–they take time, commitment and sometimes trial and error, but in the long-run it’s about your overall quality of life so the changes that she suggests and helps you to implement pay in dividends over the course of your life!!   It’s about nourishing our bodies with real, natural whole foods. I can honestly say I have never met anyone in my life who is as knowledgeable and passionate about this subject. She is my go-to for any health and wellness questions that I have, and always has an answer for me, or is willing to do the research to find out, because of her commitment to her vocation. So, I am not exaggerating when I say that the things that Rachel has taught me have genuinely changed my life, and I am truly better for it: physically and mentally.  I give Next Level Nutrition my strongest endorsement!

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