The Shucking Truth

Still not sure if you are ready to sign up for the FLY program?   Well here’s something I bet you didn’t know: Your weight gain is NOT your fault! The Shucking Truth tells you how. This e-book is step one in revealing the sources that are contributing to your current unhappiness with your health status. These hidden saboteurs are affecting how […]

Turns out free is also a feeling :)

  Saturday morning our running group took a couple of (all girl) teams and headed out to the military base to run the Volkslauf race. Guess the guys from the group didn’t want to represent ‘yo  Volkslauf in German (from what I hear anyway) means open cross country race. Holy crap – was that fun!!! Talk […]

Fly Girls Forever

Welcome to my blog, Fly Girls Forever. Fly is an acronym for Finally liberate yourself. My mission is to teach women how to live their lives as their healthiest (in mind, body and spirit) selves.  When we learn to finally liberate ourselves from restrictive diet and exercise plans and become comfortable in our health and bodies, we can finally […]