Stubborn Fat in the Middle

Let’s face it, women are just wired differently. Intermittent fasting and longer, intense exercise sessions that we do in order to burn calories and lose weight can be quite hard on us (of course, there is the factor of bio-individuality, so if you like doing those things then do what makes you happy).  Certain types […]

Don’t Listen to Yourself

Success is about your mindset and it starts one small step at a time. This is one of my favorite pics, it’s a before and after of Becky, a lady that attended my workout class. Becky’s goal was to get and stay healthy. She was on her way to to achieving this but still had […]

Feeling “Fat-“igued or Overwhelmed?

Photo courtesy of by Ambro Then you need this mineral!! Dear Magnesium, You don’t get the true credit you deserve. Calcium has been hogging the spotlight for way too many years. Come on magnesium, time to step up  and quit being the under-dog. You should know, with too much calcium in the body then […]

Fed Up

I am inundated daily with commercials, print ads, emails, and products all telling me that something is wrong with me and that they can help me fix it. I am so, so, tired of being told I’m not quite right. According to the world I can (or need to??!) lose weight, get rid of my […]

Learning To Fly One Season at a Time, Summer Edition

Ready to feed yourself and your family, real whole, food?   This cookbook is filled with quick, simple, healthy recipes for great summer breakfasts. Learn eat real, whole food and get started on the path of clean eating. Buy kindle version here: Buy Printable PDF Version Here:

Is Your Food Fulfilling ALL Your Needs?

Is Your Food Fulfilling ALL Your Needs? So I recently received a phone call from my good friend Tiffany that started out with, “I just read an interview with Jada Pinkett Smith and it totally made me think of you.” Well you can imagine the kind of flattering, ego inflating statement I was anticipating. I […]

Personal Training Session (Group Rate)

If three or more of you and your friends would like to book a Personal Training Session the group rate is $15/person for each hour.  I should mention that when groups get much bigger than 8 people, it really gets hard to give everyone the time they deserve, so I only book groups of 3 […]

The Shucking Truth

Still not sure if you are ready to sign up for the FLY program?   Well here’s something I bet you didn’t know: Your weight gain is NOT your fault! The Shucking Truth tells you how. This e-book is step one in revealing the sources that are contributing to your current unhappiness with your health status. These hidden saboteurs are affecting how […]

Turns out free is also a feeling :)

  Saturday morning our running group took a couple of (all girl) teams and headed out to the military base to run the Volkslauf race. Guess the guys from the group didn’t want to represent ‘yo  Volkslauf in German (from what I hear anyway) means open cross country race. Holy crap – was that fun!!! Talk […]