Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Day 7

Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Day 7 It’s day 7 and Chris is beginning to see things other than the scale change, like how his clothes fit. This is a much healthier indication of change (well assuming you buy clothes that fit you properly) than just the scale. He’s sticking to the plan of food prepping, […]

Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Day 5

Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Day 5 Hi Guys, Once again Chris has brought up some really good points about the nature of change and progress. So many of us lose weight, gain weight, and then cycle through the whole process again. It’s better if we can keep that fluctuating weight window a bit smaller (generally […]


If you struggle with getting fermented foods in your diet, I recommend you take a probiotic supplement to help keep your gut flora in balance. If you haven’t been eating fermented foods and/or already taking a probiotic, start with the 5 day max care and then transition to the Ultimate Care: Then transition to this:


If you just can’t stomach the idea of getting fish in your diet, I recommend taking a fish oil supplement. This is the one I personally use

Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Day 4

REBOOT DAY 4 Welcome back to Chris’s 30 Day Reboot, Day 4. Whew, we have a lot to talk about, and we haven’t even addressed some of the big ones, like the reduction of alcohol in his diet. We’ll save that and why it’s important for a different blog post. Chris brings up several good […]

Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Day 3

Welcome to Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Day 3. So far, so good. He has swapped out his second 16 oz. serving of coffee with tea and this totally works for me. Some of the tea he is drinking, like red rooibos, is a great choice as it contains nutrients like iron, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, […]

Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Day 2

It’s Day 2 of Chris’s 30 Day Reboot and so far, so good. Normally what I like to do with clients is make very, slow gradual changes over an extended period of time. This is so all of these changes become a way of life, rather than an experience with a finite number. Otherwise, it […]

Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Day 1- Water

Hi Guys, Below I am posting the link to Chris’s 30 Day Reboot Day One. I have asked Chris to cut back on the coffee as he was drinking the large bulk of his morning fluids in the form of coffee. While coffee does have some benefits (like antioxidants), too much can be hard on […]