Turns out free is also a feeling :)


Tracey on the left and me on the right

Pre-race. Look how clean we are!

One of the water crossings. That cold water felt awesome!

Post-race team “Dirty Girls”

Saturday morning our running group took a couple of (all girl) teams and headed out to the military base to run the Volkslauf race. Guess the guys from the group didn’t want to represent ‘yo ;) Volkslauf in German (from what I hear anyway) means open cross country race. Holy crap – was that fun!!! Talk about a sense of freedom. Nothing like flying through wooded trails as fast as you can.  It’s a total sense of exhilaration and liberation, and ultimately, isn’t that how we all want to feel- free and happy. So ladies, tell me, what gives you that sense of freedom, or maybe it’s a sense of inner peace? Either way, I’d love to hear about it

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