How to Eat Liver (without the liver taste)

How to Eat Liver (without it tasting like, well liver)
1. Start with frozen grass fed beef liver. Thaw liver slightly. While still mostly frozen, cut liver into one-two inch chunks.

2. Place liver in a food processor.

3. Process until it’s no longer chunky (a bit of chunkiness is ok, just get it “generally” smooth).

4. Scoop liquefied liver into an ice cube tray

5. Cover and freeze
Now what? How do I use these liver cubes?
For you next meal that requires ground meat throw in a cube or two of liver. Go ahead brown it with the other meat (no need to defrost the cubes).
It’s best to hide liver in dishes with lots of spices and flavor.
Increase the amount of liver you use gradually. Start with one cube in some chili, taco or spaghetti meat and see if it’s “hidden” enough for you. If it is then add some more next time until you find the perfect sweet spot.

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