Sassy you say?


Yesterday I received this email from a friend who had loaned out my book to a co-worker. All it takes is a little bit of knowledge and the willingness to take baby steps in the journey to achieving life long health and wellness. I think this lady is well on her way, plus I can’t help but like anyone that calls me sassy 😉 Here’s what she said:

I went back through and re-read Rachel’s book. Since we are doing the biggest loser at work, I thought it would it would be extra helpful. First, I had forgotten how sassy she is, I love that. 2nd, when she talked about the average lunch of someone of who watching their weight, it was almost item for item exactly what I had been eating for a week. A turkey wrap.

I thought I was doing good, but realized where I could make better choices. It was very helpful. Please let her know that I have been reading more labels this week and I’m gonna share the book with my sister.

Thanks again

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