Fed Up

I am inundated daily with commercials, print ads, emails, and products all telling me that something is wrong with me and that they can help me fix it. I am so, so, tired of being told I’m not quite right. According to the world I can (or need to??!) lose weight, get rid of my wrinkles and fine lines, change my hair color to the perfect box shade of blonde , make my boobs the perfect cup size,  and shrink my butt and thighs.  We as women receive the message that we are flawed and need to be fixed hundreds of times each day.  It’s ludicrous. But what’s even more ludicrous is that we BELIEVE them!!  Time for us to tune them out and tune into ourselves. Yes, my lower body might be bigger than super model standards dictate, but that’s okay and I really don’t care. Want to know why? Because what’s important to me is that my legs are powerful and take me everywhere I need to go.  And the (what I like to think are fine) lines around my eyes?? I earned them, I like to think they are a sign of wisdom and experience.  What if we made the conscious decision to focus not on what’s “imperfect”, but on the fact that we are perfect where we are right now (yes, I know, insert eye roll here, too much feel good, patchouli smoking love going on here right?).  But, really, why not give it a try and see? Let’s focus on nourishing ourselves with healthy thoughts, feelings and food.  Am I feeding my body food that creates a healthy state of well-being? Or am I eating crap that will make me potentially ill and not nourish my body? Am I feeding my mind nourishing, encouraging thoughts, or am I constantly berating myself and being disappointed because I don’t live up to whatever the current standard is?  If the actions I’m choosing for myself are in my best interest, not those of some marketer or advertiser then I am not going to sweat the small stuff and why should you?  J

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